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South: green fashion stunning debut garbage bags can do dress

South: green fashion stunning debut garbage bags can do dress

China Youth Network Beijing May 17 (by the campus correspondent He Hairong) May 13, 14 at noon, Nanjing University, blowing a "red-carpet" style, with nearly 30 students wearing garbage bags, old newspapers and other waste fashion was made stunning debut, the students praise sound one.

"Abandoning pupa" - dress made of trash bags

New environmental protection: environmental protection concept fashion show
Student from the School of the Environment's "Environmental Protection Fashion Design Competition" is in full swing, the players take advantage of the old things around, be creative, change "waste" as the treasure. Garbage bags, old umbrellas, old nets ...... everybody in these wastes players Design has become the United States show.
Was responsible for the introduction of Liu Yisi classmate said: "We are organizing this event in mind is the hope in a relatively new eye-catching balls in the form of environmental protection to promote the concept of environmental protection and we want to combine fashion aesthetic to stimulate students interest. advocate their hands in life recycling. "
And combined with previous environmental protection and fashion is different is that this time the "green fashion design competition" in a broader range of materials. According to Liu Yisi students revealed that, in view of past similar activities require only waste materials design fashion, leading to the effectiveness of the activity is not very good, so this game relaxed material requirements, in order to give students more space to play.

Chan won the highest number of "national wind dress"

Browse over 10,000, more than a hundred garbage bag dress share popular network
As of May 11, Central School student received a total of nearly 30 entries. Wherein both the dress, wedding dress, also cheongsam, dress, fresh, punk, elegant, gentle, different styles. Once the results of image display on the network, we have obtained a great response. Less than a week, these photos views exceeded 1 million mark, share volume reached 100 times. Users have said, "Nanda this event too praised!"
Liu Yisi said: "This event can achieve such a strong reaction, the students can not do without a rich imagination and creativity currently affecting the scope of our activities beyond the NTU campus, a number of media on the green fashion design contest. We were covered. "

Models were dressed in green fashion red-carpet

Creativity, talent + art exhibition style NTU students
In this "green Fashion Design Competition", works from conception, design drawings to the garment sewing, NTU students involved in the whole process of garment making. In the game, they enjoy to show their creativity, talent and skill.
Group XI players Wugui Super classmate said:. "We are both members of a group of fashion designers, tailors and also a photographer, and some also play a role model for everyone division of labor, after spending a week's time to complete this together works."
"Environmental Fashion Design Competition" The idea is to Nanjing University Xianlin Campus Environmental Protection Union College - "Green Alliance" on the come, as the leading South School, the first planning activities. This activity supporting geoscience South Eighth Festival, is the focus of this activity to learn festival, Xianlin will provide a good example and experience of other colleges and universities. "This is the first session of the South 'green fashion design contest' is Xianlin area first 'green fashion design contest', we hope to have further after the second, third next session passed along ...... the concept of environmental protection to spread farther and deeper. "Liu Yisi says.

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