We are Has proven high sound absorption capacity in construction sector.

GreenCARE Insulation

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  • The importance of sound absorption and insulation is greater than ever because apartments have slimmer walls, and walls are often being torn down to incorporate balcony space into rooms. Noise between adjacent floors is another issue that must be tackled, since there has been growing contention among neighbors regarding the issue. The sound absorption model of GreenCARE, designed with that issue in mind, is utilized in various areas due to its sound absorption capacity superior to that of other materials with similar thickness.

    Size : 1250*2500, thickness of 10T~500T

    Standard size : 600*600, 600*1200, 600*2400, 1000*1000, 1000*2000, thickness of 10T~500T

  • Characteristics
  • Sound absorption capacity

    50T has NRC of 0.85 and 25T has that of 0.7, which represent high sound absorption capacity.

    What is the NRC?

    The NRC is numeric translation of different sound absorption coefficients at different frequency bands. It is the average of the absorption coefficients at 250, 500, 1000, and 2000Hz, and the higher the number, the better sound absorption it offers.


    The main component of the product contains a large amount of nitrogen, effectively blocking oxygen. It is certified as a semi-nonflammable product.

    Low weight

    Product weight is very low with a density less than 1/4 of conventional materials (about 10kg/m3), so the product can be handled and installed easily and quickly.

    Easily processed

    Since it is easily cut, even with an ordinary utility knife, the product can be cut and finished on-site. It can be used for interior decoration purposes because it can be cut into various shapes.

  • Usage

① walls, ceilings, and floors of buildings

② conference rooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, studios, and music practice rooms

③ machine rooms, power rooms, and air conditioning rooms

④ interiors of aircrafts and high-speed trains

⑤ noise barriers along roads and railroads

⑥ interior of passenger and commercial vehicles

⑦ air conditioning equipment and silencers

⑧ noise transmission prevention between adjacent floors

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