We are Has proven high sound absorption capacity in construction sector.

Who We Are

"Melafoam" is the registered trademark of the NTC, which is sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate condensed melamine foam(also known as melamine foam) material.

"Melafoam" is a special foam material which was more and more popular in Chinese market in recent years. Its unique advantages such as permanent flame retardancy, high temperature resistance,  outstanding sound absorption, super decontamination performance is becoming more and more popular with the consumers and being widely used. It's also a new environmental friendly material which has huge market potential in the 21st century.

We focus on the research and development, manufacturing and processing technology of melamine foam product series nearly 10 years. So our professional and senior technical and marketing team had gotten a number of patents no matter at home or abroad. We have a leading, original technology and production equipment within the industry so that we can provide customers with excellent product design and  customized service. Actually, we can manufacture customer products  with special design and complex structure.

Our business covers railway transportation, petrol industry, air-conditioning, vehicle, ship&yatch, household appliances, household cleaning, electric&eletronic and building&industry acoustic.

Our customers are mainly distributed in Europe and America, Asia, Oceania and Mainland China. Exports more than 50%. 

NTC is your ideal partner in the field of melamine foam.

Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.