We are Has proven high sound absorption capacity in construction sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is made of melamine resin, which is a thermosetting resin. When seen under magnification, GreenCARE has a unique three dimensional hexagonal and Open Cell structure, which gives it excellent sound absorption and sound insulation properties.

Two main models of GreenCARE are made: insulation and sound absorption models. It is widely used in industry and construction.
The insulation model can be used in walls, ceilings, floors, and other interior and exterior materials, and can act as a dew-proofing and thermal insulating material for apartments. The sound absorption model can be used in noise-barriers along roads and railroads, conference rooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and broadcasting studios. It can also be used as soundproofing or sound-insulation material for machine rooms, air conditioning rooms, etc. GreenCARE can be easily processed and manipulated, so it provides not only high sound absorption but also flexibility for interior decoration.

Prices vary slightly depending on the product group. Price is determined only when we know where the product is to be applied. Thus, once you inform us of where our product is to be used, we will recommend a suitable product and inform you of its unit price.

GreenCARE is used for insulation and sound absorption, just like EPS, but it has superior performance and is fire resistant, too. When burned, GreenCARE does not release toxic gases. It is very light and easy to install.

GreenCARE is produced in blocks with dimensions of 1,250x2,500x500 (thickness). Dongsung Chemical is the direct manufacturer and sales company of VIXUM, so desired sizes can be ordered for delivery. However, this is limited to sizes suitable to application usage within the scope of sizes we produce.

GreenCARE’s main component contains a high proportion of nitrogen, so it effectively prevents combustion. Fire extinguishers also contain large amounts of nitrogen in order to extinguish fires. Also, VIXUM does not release toxic gases when burned. VIXUM’s test score certifying it as a semi-nonflammable material shows its excellent fire resistant properties.

GreenCARE comes in only three colors: white, gray, and yellow. The different colors represent the different types of products. Use of fabric or other finishing materials is recommended for more color expression.

GreenCARE’s sound absorption coefficient is about 0.85 at 50T and 0.7 at 25T. In general, thicker product offers better sound absorption, yet it is important to select a density and thickness appropriate for the available indoor space and ceiling height. Once you inform us of where the GreenCARE is to be applied, we will recommend the optimal product and thickness.

In general, thicker product offers better insulation, yet it is important to select a density and thickness appropriate for the available indoor space and ceiling height. Once you inform us of where the VIXUM is to be applied, we will recommend the optimal product and thickness.

Per region, regardless of the material used, construction standards carry tables indicating the thickness standard and heat transmission coefficient for each part of the building. As standards are subdivided per region and part of building, we are not able to provide comprehensive information here. If necessary, such information can be provided via fax or email.

For an interior finishing material, GreenCARE sound absorption model 25T or 50T, covered with fabric, is installed using a joiner or butt joint method. At times, the butt joint method requires corner trimming before gluing. Various other methods are also possible, including pin and cap knock. Different products and installation methods are employed for different application areas. Thus, when you let us know where you will be applying VIXUM, then we will inform you of the proper product and installation method.

As with wallpaper, you can simply dust off dirt. When wallpaper is seriously stained, it looks quite bad and it’s difficult to reapply the wallpaper only in the affected area. With GreenCARE, you can simply remove the fabric in the affected area and reinstall the product to remove the stain.

GreenCARE can be easily cut, even with a utility knife, but thicker products can be hard to cut with a short blade. Thus, regular sizes are pre-cut for easy installation.

 Yes, GreenCARE can be used to prevent noise transmission between floors. A test installation for that purpose is currently being carried out, and an actual on-site installation is expected to be done next year. Further information will be provided as soon as possible.

Yes, GreenCARE can be used in wooden houses. With its excellent semi-nonflammable rating, it has already been installed in some wooden houses. The wooden house market has shown keen interest in GreenCARE .

Yes, it is usable in flooring, but we recommend that you consider cost and usage before deciding to do so.

We have GreenCARE retailers in Seoul and nationwide, and are in the process of opening more. Tell us your desired specifications and application area, and we will direct you to the appropriate retailer.

A flame resistant material is not deformed when exposed to a fire. Stone and glass are flame resistant. Semi-nonflammable materials are deformed to some extent, but the degree of deformation is controlled by regulations. Semi-nonflammable products do not release toxic gases when burned. A fire retardant is a chemical that is used to coat a material to prevent combustion in a fire. Such a chemical coating is required to withstand fire for about two hours; however the coating tends to wear off due to weathering.

Sound insulation is the minimization of sound that is transmitted to other adjacent rooms. Sound absorption is the absorption of sound in order to prevent the reflection of sound within a room. Sound proofing is the combination of sound insulation and sound absorption.

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