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The melamine foam’s structure of hexagonal nano-fiber cells has extremely effective stain removal capability, while being able to be processed into many different sizes and shapes.

Comparing with the conventional cleaning sponge, the melamine foam has its own unique advantage that removes stain physically with its nano-fibers and cell structure which automatically picks up dirt particles on objects, without  any chemical cleaning agents.

Since melamine foam does not dissolve in the water, if you squeeze it after thoroughly wet, any dirt absorbed by the foam will be drained away with the water, leaving the foam to be usable again. The cleaning process is similar to a vacuum cleaner – one that only need to run using water.

The unique stain removal mechanism of melamine foam allows it to be highly effective on stubborn stains that challenges the conventional cleaning sponges, especially on uneven surfaces. The melamine foam is resistant to water, alcohols, hydrocarbons, most organic solvents, dilute acids and bases. Its resistance to heat and chemicals allows it to be used for cleaning all sorts of industrial machinery and components.

How to use melamine foam to remove stains?
·Wet the melamine foam thoroughly
·Squeeze the foam to drain away excess water
·Lightly scrub on the stain on the surface of an object with the foam(for stubborn stains, increase scrubbing intensity accordingly)
·Wet and squeeze the foam in water to drain away the picked up dirt. The foam can then be used again.

Melamine foams are especially effective against the following difficult stains:
1.Stains on bathroom and toilet furniture
2.Stains on porcelain or marble wall and floor tiles, as well as plastic wallpapers
3.Stains on cutlery, tableware and tea sets
4.Stains on home electrical appliances such as fridges, microwave ovens, washing machines, TV sets, telephone sets and electric fans
5.Stains on kitchen furniture such as bar tables and sinks
6.Stains on office equipment such as computers, keyboards and printers
7.Stains on children’s toys and playground equipments
8.Oil marker and permanent marker scribbles
9.Stains on glass and lighting
10.Stains on sports equipment such as sports shoes and golf sets
11.Stains on car interior furnishings
12.Stains on leather products such as sofas and handbags(should be re-polished after cleaning)